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Biotech Consulting

Our biotech consulting services commit to solving health problems with new science & technology.

Our vision is to deliver innovative and holistic solutions to societal health problems via the customisation and integration of existing and new science and technologies, addressing at scale life science and healthcare problems worth solving.


Identify fundamental technologies in health and life sciences that hold life changing impacts on individuals and industries.


We connect revolutionary research to viable commercial and clinical real life applications.


We enable responsible stewardship of investments, initiatives, innovations and implementation.

Interested to see how we can work together to make a difference?  We are too!


Simplr Health is involved in projects that make healthcare more accessible and effective throughout the world. Our initiatives range from new science and research studies to international infrastructure development.

Our Business Model

Simplr Health harnesses strategic partnerships and collaborative ventures to engineer solutions, establish commercial IP, and generate enterprise value through proprietary customized solutions, leveraging both existing and new science and technology.

  • Collaborative Business: A lightweight business model that leverages partnerships and collaborations for mutual benefit.

  • Resource Sharing: Sharing and leveraging resources and market opportunities via Product and GTM Partners.

  • Solution Engineering Focus: Focus on solution engineering the application of existing and or new science and technology.

  • Commercial IP Establishment: Establish commercial IP via licenses, proprietary solutions and customer relationships.

  • Network Strength: Strong networks and proprietary customised solutions, generating enterprise value accretion.

Business meeting

Idea + Concept + Product Development

Existing, Developing and New

Science & Technology

Science, Technology and Academic Collaborations


TGA + FDA + CE Mark + QMS + GMP + Peer Reviews + First Sales

Product & Service

Solution Deployment

Corporate Dev, Reg Affairs Sourcing, Supply Fulfilment


Data + 3rd Party + Partners + PMF + Demand Check

Product & Service

Solution Development

Industry Licences, GTM Partners, Validation of Market Demand


JV's + SCM + Channel Partners + Sales + Distributors

Revenue & GTM Scaling

Revenue Gen, GTM Skill and Partners

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