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Key Areas of Impact

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Concierge Services

Our commitment to patient advocacy is guided by the Simplr Health principles of Education, Understanding, and Results.

Our concierge services focus on human performance and health span extension and in particular concentrate on the the neuro-immuno-metabolic interfaces, as well as the freedom of movement. In doing so, we effectively address major issues of health, vitality, recovery and longevity.

Our Concierge Services are bespoke in nature and empower clients through in-depth education, trusted and confidential shoulder-to-shoulder support, and personalised partnership throughout their entire health restoration journey. 

Our network of scientific and clinical expertise and resources give our clients access to the world’s best thinking, planning and acting when it comes to empowering personal well-being.

For more information please book a consultation with Dean Kilby:

Metabolic Health & Vitality

Biohacking & Anti-Ageing Health

Neuro Healing
& Support

Regenerative & Restorative Medicine

& Stability Training

& Lifestyle Health

Dr Kristen Willeumie profile photo

Dr Kristen Willeumier

Leading neurobiologist & author of Biohack Your Brain: How to Boost Cognitive Health, Proficiency and Power

"… the precision of Simplr Health's model, I love it!

The proof of its efficacy are in the patient success stories, of which there are many!"

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