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Privacy Policy

By using this and/or our other affiliated website(s) you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of any personal and other information you provide to us in accordance with the terms of Simplr Health. Any reference in the Privacy Policy to “us”, “we” and “our” is to Simplr Health. (ABN 56 606 546 253).


Ordering Simplr Health products and/or services online is designed to be as simple as possible while delivering maximum security and a commitment by us to protecting the privacy of your personal information.

1. How we collect anonymous information


We automatically collect general website traffic information and statistics such as your IP address for the purpose of system administration, in order to assess how many people have visited the website(s), most popular pages visited, etc. We also collect other information which alone may not be used to identify you, such a demographic information. This information is collected into aggregate results in order to evaluate our service and business practice in an effort to provide you with the best interaction, and browsing and/or shopping experience possible. We may share non-personal, aggregated information with our partners for research purposes including how many customers bought a specific product or used a specific service.


2. How we collect personal information


We will use the personal information as supplied by you to enable us to contact you to provide marketing and/or program information, answer questions, share program announcements, provide updates and/or specials from time to time which we believe may be of interest to you, and/or fulfil your specific requests. You may advise us at any time should you wish to be removed from our marketing communications.


To meet your requests for follow-up contact, we may disclose certain personal information about you to third parties where necessary, such as disclosing your name, contact email, location, and/or phone number to one or more appropriate Authorised Simplr Health Centre(s), when you register your interest for our program, services, products, and/or information. Under no circumstances will we rent, share, sell, or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information to any third parties, including but not limited to mass marketers, without obtaining your prior consent.

3. Use of Health Information


Simplr Health authorised centers will collect your personal information in order to provide appropriate weight loss and wellness services. Personal information may be shared with your chosen healthcare providers in compliance to applicable government regulations for the purpose of ensuring your appropriate treatment and resulting wellness.


4. Access and correction of personal information


You may contact us via email at, at any time to make a request to change the personal information that you have provided directly to Simplr Health. To review and/or change information that you provided directly to a authorised Simplr Health centre, contact that centre directly. If any of the personal information that we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete in any way, or you would like us to update the personal information that we hold about you, you may make a request via email to for us to correct your personal information, which we will attend to as soon as it is reasonable practical to do so.


5. Cookies


For added convenience we have employed a “cookie” system for our website(s). A “cookie” is a small temporary file stored on a user’s hard drive that lets our website store information about that user in order to better tailor our website to your needs and interests. This information allows us to make our website(s) easier to use and may assist the user by saving time when accessing and/or navigating the website(s). Other information sorted by a cookie includes website traffic data. This is not used to identify individual details, but only collated into aggregate anonymous results in order to evaluate and improve our customers’ website visit experience. Credit card information is never stored in a cookie. You do not have to accept cookies in order to use our website and you may adjust your web browser in order to be notified when you receive a cookie or to reject cookies, however if you choose to reject cookies there may be some loss of functionality of our website and/or convenience of your participation/visitation.


6. Email addresses


We will store your email address if you send us a query, register your interest and/or subscribe to one of our offerings or email lists. Your email address is used for the purpose(s) you have requested and statistical information only, and is never disclosed to any third parties for any other purpose without your consent.


7. Spam


We will never knowingly send you electronic messages without your consent, however we may send you information about the products and services that we offer, opportunities that may be of benefit or interest to you and the like. You may inform us at any time if you do not wish to receive any such information from us.


8. Data security


We will take all reasonable steps to preserve the privacy of your personal information and have integrated appropriate electronic considerations and processes, which may change from time to time as we deem appropriate, to do so. When placing orders through a Simplr Health website that requires personalised password and username submission, all of your information is protected by SSL, which ensures that your information is encrypted and can’t be stolen when it is sent across the internet. Your personal information is stored on industry proven commercial servers that are heavily guarded – both physically and electronically. To give your credit card and bank numbers an extra layer of security, these firewall-protected servers are not directly connected to the internet.


9. Changes to this privacy policy


SIMPLR HEALTH may change the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time due to changing business requirements, changes in laws and/or regulations, and/or for other reasons as may present. Simplr Health reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time and any changes affected to the Privacy Policy by us will be included in the updated Privacy Policy appearing on our appropriate website(s) under the Privacy Policy link. Continued use of the website by you is deemed acceptance of the amended terms of the Privacy Policy.


10. Feedback and complaint handling procedure


We welcome your feedback and will attend to all comments, requests and/or complaints received from you in a proper manner: Regarding information, including your personal information, that you have shared with one of our authorised centres, please contact that centre directly. Regarding information that you shared directly with Simplr Health, please contact us, preferable via email, as noted below.


11. Who to contact if you have any privacy concerns or queries


Email: – note “Privacy” in the subject line

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