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Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance are at epidemic proportions in Western countries, due to rising rates of obesity, the popularity of processed foods, and sedentary lifestyles.

These conditions...

  • central obesity

  • high blood pressure

  • high cholesterol

  • high blood glucose

... significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular illnesses such as stroke and heart disease. Individually, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity can lead to vascular damage, but a combination of these illnesses is particularly dangerous.

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and dementia are inevitable outcomes for those who do nothing to deal with their metabolic syndrome. Because it’s not immediately debilitating or even felt, it’s often all too easy just to simply put off confronting reality.

Thankfully, you can greatly lower your risk through diet and lifestyle changes. And when handled correctly, metabolic syndrome can be reversed and normalcy stabilised, leaving you free from the concern for the rest of your life.

If you’ve ever dealt with any of the above diseases, or have seen a loved one go through the effects and perhaps even succumb to it and lost the battle, then you know why I’m so passionate about people taking action to deal with it now. Not after Christmas, not when you think you can afford it, not when you have your partner’s support, not even when you think you’re ready - I really do mean now. Because there really are only so many tomorrows...

Contact us, we're here to help.

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