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Restoring vitality – start with metabolic health

The benefits now and for the future are obvious and clear. Simplr Health’s scientific approach is validated, indisputable and simply just works. And, most importantly, the opportunity to be part of a coaching structure, more than anything right now, makes an enormous difference in dieter’s long-term success.

Cost per kilogram lost is exceptional value for money. The education and training, and breakthrough accomplishments in reversing metabolic syndrome that last a lifetime, are priceless.

This is a temporary program (yes, there is an end-point!)

Once the target weight is achieved and metabolic dysfunction corrected then clients are transitioned, in a very structured way, back to a more balanced, whole-foods diet. That’s when the rubber hits the road they are trained in how to remain at this new health set point for the rest of their life.

In third-party clinical validation studies, dieters lost on average 15% of total body weight in 12 weeks.

More importantly in long-term follow-up, ~70% maintained those results at 3 years post weight loss. Even in those who are recovering from illness as in the case of breast cancer survivors, mean weight loss was 19.9% of total body weight in a 19-week study. And what truly contributed to their overall health and well-being and ability to heal was the observed 40% reduction in CRP, a marker of inflammation.

It’s well understood now that metabolic dysfunction, excess body weight, and chronic inflammation suppress the immune system.

This then allows for more severe symptoms when dealing with infections, and also advances the onset of more chronic states of ill health such as heart disease and cancer. Furthermore, obesity is a major risk factor for degenerative disorders that cause pain and disability, such as osteoarthritis, as the body has an impaired ability to heal itself. Luckily there are now options available today that enable individuals to return their body and their life to optimal health and vitality.

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